Equi Act

Each 1 L contains:
Thyme oil extract 4200 mg.
Eucalyptus oil extract 7920 mg.
Potassium sulfate 3.0 gm.
Sodium propionate 8 gm.
Sodium formate 10 gm.
Magnesium dolomite 2 gm.
Dextrose 250 gm.
Citric acid 10 gm.
Polyethylene glycol 36 gm.
Potassium sorbate 2.5 gm.
Distilled water up to 1 liter.
Used to replace fluids and salts lost during transportation and exerted effort and to improve the performance of racing horses.
Horses: 10 ml orally and given again after 6 hours for 3 days.
Pregnant and lactating mares: 50 ml/head/day

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