Contain per 1 ml:
Carvacrol (Oregano oil extract)                                21.52 mg.
Thymol (Oregano oil extract )                                        1.1 mg.
Rosemary oil extract (1.8 Cineol .…… 1.7 mg)             10 mg.
Cinnamon oil (Cinnamaldehyde) ………… 10 mg)      20 mg.
Garlic extract (Diallyl Disulfide) …………….. 0.4 mg )    10 mg.
Zinc (Zinc Sulfate)                                                               5 mg.
Selenium (Sodium selenite)                                            0.1 mg.
Sorbitol                                                                                 50 mg.
Mono propylene glycol                                                      50 mg.
Distilled Water Ad                                                                 1 ml.
These elements provides rapid relief from congestion and pain.
Its widespread use rests on its safe and reliable action as an antiseptic, antiphlogistic and carminative.
Antioxidant are regularly included in poultry feed as protection from deterioration during storage.
Recently the interest for the use of natural phytochemicals in animal diets has been increased.
Thymol (THY) has been proven to be an effective antioxidant for extending broiler meat quality during storage.
This study evaluates whether THY can also have a protective effect on the feed by assessing its antioxidant potential and related changes in fatty acid (FA) balance.
• Growth promoter.
• Appetizer.
• Anti oxidant.
• Antibacterial.
• Improve FCR.
• Improve immunity.
• Liver tonic.
Poultry: 0.5 ml / liter of drinking water.
100, 250, 500 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 200 liter.

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