Contain per 1 gm:
Dry extract of cell wall of saccharomyces cerevisiae       200 mg.
(Beta glucan ……… 30 mg & Mannan Oligosaccharides .... 80 mg).
Glycine                            16 mg.
Sodium citrate               45 mg.
Potassium citrate        100 mg.
Sodium chloride            70 mg.
Dextrose Add up to         1 gm.
EDIASTOP is refreshing, rehydrating and stress relieving
mentholated oral solution for administration via drinking water that reduces mortality and productivity losses in animals suffering from heat stress due to high ambient temperatures and a high relative humidity, especially in poultry.
Heat stress in these animals may lead to general distress, reduced feed intake and body weight, increased feed conversion rates, increased carcass fat content, decrease fertility rates, low-quality semen, decreased egg size and production, reduced egg – shell quality, increased amount of dejections, increased susceptibility to illness, increased number of culled animals and increased mortality rates.
• Anti stress (heat, transport, medical).
• Growth promoter.
• Improve FCR.
Poultry: 1 gm / liter drinking water for 3-5 days.
10, 20, 50,100, 250, 500 gm, 1, 2, 5,10 kg.


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