Sodium bicarbonat e                      84.00 g.
Management of severe metabolic acidosis.
Urine Alkalinization.
Adjunctive therapy in the treatment of hypercalcaemic or hyperkalaemic crisis.
Dogs, Cats: Severe metabolic acidosis: mmol NaHCO3 required = base deficit × 0.5 × body weight (kg) (0.3 is recommended instead of 0.5 in some references).
Give half the dose slowly over 3–4 hours, recheck blood gases and clinically re-evaluate the patient.
Avoid over- alkalinization.
Adjunctive therapy of hypercalcaemia: 0.5–1 mmol Sodium bicarbonate/kg i.v. over 30 min.
Adjunctive therapy of hyperkalaemia: 1–2 mmol Sodium bicarbonate/kg i.v. over 30 min.
dogs: 50 - 250 ml carbosoda/animal.

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