Contain per 1 gm:
Bacillus subtilis                            1 x 108 cfu.
Clostridium butyricum               1 x 108 cfu.
Bacillus licheniformis                  1 x108 cfu.
Betaine (Betaine anhydrous)            25 mg.
Vitamin E                                              10 mg.
Selenium (Sodium selenite)            0.2 mg.
Dextrose Add up to                               1 gm.
– BETA-BACT is used as probiotic, mainly due to its proven anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, enzymatic and immunomodulatory activity.
– Improving health and performance in poultry.
– Biotherapy strategy for preventing and treating many diseases.
– Used as antibiotic replacement to regulate gut flora, improve growth performance and enhance immunity and gut health in poultry underenvironmental & infectious immune challenges.
Betaine is called methyl donner that important to produce methionine inside the bird.
methionine has important role in liver activation it also consider important main amino acid.
• Growth promoter.
• Improve FCR.
• Improve performance.
• Anti toxin.
• Increase percent of lean meat.
• Decrease fatty liver syndrome ascitis.
Poultry: 1 gm / liter drinking water.
100, 250, 500 gm, 1, 2, 3, 5 ,10, 20, 25 kg.

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